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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I display your image(s) on my website / blog / gallery / virtual world?

    You can display my images from the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Surreal, Space and Abstract galleries (for viewing purposes only, nothing commercial) under the following conditions:

    • my work may not be modified in any way (no logos, other writings on top, cropping, etc)
    • credits must be mentioned
    • a link to this site must be present near the image
    • when used in virtual worlds the art.eonworks.com sign must be clearly readable

    Also, please keep in mind that all my work is copyright protected. For other use of my images please email me and describe what for, where, when and how you intend to use my artwork. Feel free to use these banners when linking back to me.

What kind of services do you offer?

  • 3D modeling: Sci-Fi environments, spaceships, robots, vehicles and weapons.
  • illustration: CD / magazine / book cover or page illustration.
  • concept art: Sci-Fi interiors and exteriors, vessels, robots, vehicles and weapons.
  • pre-rendered 2D/3D imagery: for 2D adventure games, intro screens, splash screens, between level screens, etc.

Can I use / buy / license your textures and skyboxes from the texture gallery for my game / website / project / etc ?

    No. I did these textures for commercial games, thus they can not be used in any other projects. I don't own any rights to them except for selfpromotion.

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