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digital abstract art of a colorful entity

Creation year: 2006     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 4600 x 7000 px

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I feel that my abstract images are getting more mature. I first started experimenting with abstract art in 2000 and things have been progressing nicely. Back then I discovered that, especially when doing texture work, I would sometimes end up doing something that looked really interesting, but was of no use in the actual image I was working on. This usually happened by accident, or was a result of a quick experiment conducted while working on an image. Over time I started collecting these "unsuccessful" attempts and later used them as a base for my future abstract work. In fact many of the abstract art paintings in this gallery started their life in such way.

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shiella c. agsaoay from Philippines wrote:July 13, 2009

I really love your paintings. They are great!

BEATA MALUJLO from POLAND wrote:February 7, 2009


Eric from USA wrote:February 6, 2009

I feel those colors. All your work is great. Thanks for this site as well. Keep em coming.

James from USA wrote:November 27, 2008

Very interesting piece.

judy from U.S.A wrote:February 19, 2008

wow..this is is amazing...i had never seen your work before..but this is one amazing piece..*^_^*

Steph from Australia wrote:February 6, 2008

You're works are amazing. Each artwork i find tells a different story and shows a different meaning.

This one would have to be my favourite so far =)

Keep up the good work!

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:May 16, 2007

Thank you guys for the kind words. I am glad you enjoy the images :)

ashley from uk wrote:April 29, 2007

im a fan

Sunil Deshpande from India wrote:February 26, 2007

Dawid, you are really a great artist, I mean you are a special artist who has receive the "paradise touch in skething out the ideas and bringing it into the reality, thanks for the newsletter I am really enjoying, long back I too had some paintings but today I could not be able to paint due to the time management, but I can enjoy the photos and paintings by wathing it on the screen.

Wish you all the best



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