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colorful abstract art Drifting planes   
Size: 6000 x 4500 px
Medium: digital
Year: 2008




Colorful abstract art can be very stimulating. The right combination of colors and shapes can have a positive influence on the mood of the viewer and the space surrounding the image.

Colors are everywhere and have different meanings in various cultures. In the western culture some colors have more or less universal meaning. Green symbolizes nature, and it is a refreshing and calming color. Blue, the color of the sky and ocean, is peaceful and has a tranquil effect on the body and mind. Yellow is the color of the sun, it stimulates and gives optimism and hope.

Drifting planes is the first of my ongoing abstract art series of dynamic, planar views of colors and forms interwoven in motion. This is a kinetic stream of colorful rectangularity.

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Richard from USA wrote:May 6, 2011

Great Work. A Masterpiece!

Ethan from UK wrote:December 17, 2010

ooohhh pretty colours

Ben from USA wrote:November 18, 2010

I would have to say that this is better than the Mona Lisa.

William from US wrote:May 7, 2010

I really like this one.

Elemia wrote:April 18, 2010

Very creative use of form and color.

Aaron from USA wrote:November 7, 2008

What gets me here are the colors - marvelous!

Tanya from France wrote:March 31, 2008

There is a lot of originality in your work, which is refreshing. You take the time to be creative with the art software rather than just rely on near default settings so many other artists do.

Vingummi from Sweden wrote:March 3, 2008

Nice one.

judy from U.S.A wrote:February 19, 2008

lol..*^_^* reminds me of sticky notes...it's a nice effect..is it through photoshop?

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