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Sci-Fi picture - outpost with two moons, air vehicle and sunset sci-fi illustration - future air car, flying vehicles alien and a holographic device on a UFO spaceship Ancient Alien visitors on another planet 3D Rebel air fighters patrolling the swamps.
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3D Rebel air fighters patrolling the swamps.
Rebel fighters

Creation year: 1999     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 2856 x 1296 px

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Remotely controlled rebel air fighters (air drones) patrolling the swamps... This 3D image was one of my first attempts at using three of my favorite gfx tools to produce one image. Most of the landscape was done in Bryce; the air-fighters were modeled and rendered in 3DS Max; the tree trunks, smoke and many other effects were painted in Photoshop.

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Respondeer from (UNKNOWN) wrote:April 11, 2011

@Just wondering
No,the closest ship owns a lower cloaking device,which prevents anything (or anybody) below it from noticing it's presence.

siyasanga mbambani from South Africa wrote:October 19, 2009

This is a great site i've ever seen. i like everything that i've seen in this site, especially surreal landscapes

anthony from U.S.A wrote:October 27, 2008

great work sci-fi lover myself.

Emiesha Zentas from Camieshea wrote:September 26, 2008

Reminds me of a section of my home planet.

clavino from india wrote:April 22, 2008

the best image i have seen till now

john from usa wrote:April 4, 2008

this is an awesome photo

Just wondering from Australia wrote:August 18, 2005

Great work, but shouldn't there be a reflection of the closest ship?

anonymous wrote:August 5, 2001

It looks great. I love how it get all misty and foggy at the side it just looks so cool and gives it a feeling of mystery

Aaron Weaver wrote:May 10, 2001

Cool picture. Like the details.

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