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Military aircraft fighters flying over mountains. post apocalyptic suburban area in the future with flying cars Cyberpunk art, future city, flying vehicle, dystopia Space sci-fi ships travelling through a solar system Abandoned desert city with flying ships

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Dezerted city ( 1997 • digital • 2560 x 1633 px )
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Abandoned desert city with flying ships

In 2003 this image was featured in Science Fiction Weekly - an online publication of the SCIFI Channel.

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Juana from USA wrote:March 11, 2009

No one took notice of the man walking on the edge of the city...I love it...the details are beautiful. Its easy to imagine that you are there. I can feel the warm dessert sun already and I wonder whats inside this desserted city but afraid of what might have drove everyone out of the city.

Calvin Orosa from Australia wrote:September 15, 2008

I play this game called

Elder Scrolls Morrowind III

I think you should buy it. Not for the game. because obviously you have no time for it, but for the Scenery and Backgrounds.

You know Dawid buying a couple Pc and ps2 games can only broaden and widen your versatile range of imagination!

And the reason i said all that was because, this reminds me of a place in the game =)

It was called Balmora =)

Take Care Dawid.

Tom-Noddy from USA, NYC wrote:May 15, 2007

Jabba the Hutt would be proud to live in this cool city you've rendered. I love the look of the whole image.

gustavo galvan from mexico wrote:October 20, 2006

excelent artist and very creative, l like it the picture so many imagination .

Aaron Weaver wrote:May 10, 2001

Cool picture. Like the look of the city and ships.

Jakob wrote:June 29, 2000

Well what version of max did you use for this one? and what are the ships modelled with , Nurbs? anyway great pic man

HERZA wrote:April 17, 2000

i got no words 4 this man this is great

Retarded Wizard wrote:March 28, 2000

The closer ship kind of looks like a frog. But other than that really good work!

Jinks wrote:January 15, 2000

The ships look like they are the little transports in star trek.

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