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3D picture - merc robot battle scifi outpost spaceships flying over a base sci-fi wallpaper - mine on another planet with spaceships sci-fi aircraft chase above water in jungle

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Chase ( 1996 • digital • 3000 x 2250 px )
sci-fi aircraft chase above water in jungle
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This picture was one of my first Sci-Fi images worth putting on the web back in 1996. It received a lot of very positive feedback and it even resulted in a few freelance jobs. In 1997 this image was featured in a Polish computer graphics magazine GFX.

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tarfix wrote:February 8, 2010

The ships camouflage design is cool.

Angelo from Unknown wrote:April 17, 2009

Not that bad I think you could do better

JT from USA wrote:February 15, 2009

All your work is awsome, it's the best I've ever seen and I've been to so many other sites I lost count.

josh from england wrote:April 28, 2008

god damn i think im in love with this thank you!!!!!!!!

john from usa wrote:April 4, 2008

what is in the flying machines

Ziggy from Andorra wrote:January 17, 2008

I like it a lot! I used that image on a false and non published article of a ficticial newspaper about a princess kidnapped. It was in the 2000 or so. I found it very inspirating. I think ill buy it, just for the use i did in the past :)

anonymous from gb wrote:June 7, 2007

this is well cool

josh from usa wrote:December 14, 2006

that is very good i like that

SalihHabeeb from IRAQ wrote:November 26, 2006

I have seen all the galleries here. All, with no acception are great works of Art, I barely could find such SiFi art works and Imagination on the Web, I bet the artist is a great SiFi writer too, I loved the works and the creative mind who made them.
Well done.

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