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Air fighters ( 1999 • digital • 3500 x 1667 px )
Military aircraft fighters flying over mountains.

Remotely controlled military aircraft fighters. This 3d image was one of my first attempts at mixing Bryce with 3DS Max. I rendered the background in Bryce and the aircraft fighters in Max and then combined it all in Photoshop.

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B.R.A.I.N. from Malaysia wrote:December 26, 2010

"Secure the area for landing of the rest of the armada,we need to get them down as soon as possible",lol.

james from u.k wrote:December 12, 2009

cool art. fit for a computer game.

David from U.S.A wrote:March 2, 2007

Awsome, I wish those aircrafts were actually here today in our time!!!

Conrath from Kilikon wrote:February 27, 2007

"Home Base is reading you, seperate squadrons are being placed into positions"

AstralDragon from Finland wrote:June 19, 2005

"Squadron Lunahawk-c2 moving to identify the unknown object, I have a bad feeling about this"

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