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sci-fi illustration stock colorful sci-fi art - ships in the arctic

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On the patrol ( 1995 • digital • 640 x 386 px )
colorful sci-fi art - ships in the arctic

In 2009 I was looking for something in my old CD backups and came across this sci-fi picture I did back in the mid 1990s. Somehow I must have forgotten about it, but it definitely belongs in the gallery.

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Dawid Michalczyk wrote:December 7, 2011

@ Randolf Richardson
I may do a similar landscape for the Space gallery. I too think this one works great. Thanks for your comments.

Randolf Richardson from Canada wrote:December 6, 2011

More awesome terrain. These ships actually look really good in this picture. Of course, I'd love to see this with a terrain that is approximately 5 times wider again, and maybe even a flying saucer hovering off to the side somewhere in the background shining its light down behind some trees (maybe performing an abduction).

Thanks for sharing this beautiful image.

Marcus from U.S.A. wrote:December 2, 2010

this is awesome I can't really descibe if what I am seeing right now. I give props to these images

Ian Müller Nef from Chile wrote:February 1, 2010

Excelent work, I´d been searching for some inspiration in backgrounds, and some ambience and other stuff for my Graphic novel, and I was stock here. Very good Illustration.

Ian Christian Johannes Müller Nef.
PD: Sorry for my horrible English, my Spanish and german are much better
I prefer left my mail, in order to every possible bad understood.

Josh & Tom from England wrote:January 29, 2010

Your ship designs are always so new and different, We love them!!

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