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Sci-Fi corridor wall segment concept art
Corridor wall segment 131120

Creation year: 2013     Medium: digital    

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Making this Sci-fi corridor segment concept was a good way of exploring Blender's rendering options and materials. I think that materials in Blender are a bit easier to set up and work with compared to 3DS Max, but I yet have to find out how to create a material library. Rendering is pretty straightforward, just like in 3DS Max. Rendering time on my dual core 3GHz Intel E6850 CPU was little over 5 minutes at 1248x702. And I have to say, so far, Blender has been very stable and very responsive for me. The startup time is a couple of seconds and it shuts down even faster. Though to be fair, I should say that I run it under Windows XP - for speed :)

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Dawid Michalczyk wrote:December 1, 2013

Marc, thanks :) I'm grateful that free and powerful 3D software like Blender exists.

Marc from Canada wrote:November 30, 2013

Great design in any software! Seems you must have a background in Industrial Design? :-) Also, nice to see a free software package out there that can produce this kind of detail.

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