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Sci-Fi corridor concept art Sci-Fi corridor wall segment concept art Sci-Fi corridor wall segment concept art south corridor with volumetric light beams 3D corridor concept catwalk cables leaking water

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North corridor ( 2002 • digital ) see larger image
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3D corridor concept catwalk cables leaking water

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r kirby from uk wrote:January 5, 2007

you are clearly gifted,and have bags of talent and imagination this is how Id imagine one of the space ports in my book.In one of the lower corridoors.
Rachael Kirby

Don Tindale from UK wrote:August 14, 2006

Love this. Really works on the viewer's curiosity and sense of wonder. I want to know what's at the far end of the corridor!

Russell from USA wrote:May 13, 2005

Talent is something your born with. The same with imagination, But few are lucky enough to be blessed with both as you obviously have!

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