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Sci-Fi corridor concept art
Corridor segment 131209

Creation year: 2014     Medium: digital    

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This Sci-Fi corridor segment shows tanks of fluorescent fuel located at the back of a spaceship. This concept ends my recent series of interior designs as I now plan on doing a few exteriors.

Another news is that I now use Linux on my graphic workstation. A few weeks ago I started thinking about buying a new workstation, mainly to speed up my 3D rendering, as the one I have now is well over 5 years old. I have a dual core 3GHz Intel E6850 CPU, 4GB of RAM, and nvidia GeForce 9600 GT gfx card with 512MB RAM.

While doing research about which CPU and gfx card to get I came across information that CPU Blender rendering is much faster under Linux. I decided to test this. I created a simple scene with various objects and applied different materials that take long to render. Additionally I set various rendering settings to further increase rendering time. After rendering that scene under 32bit Windows XP using 32bit Blender 2.69, I installed 64bit Slackware 14.1 (my favorite Linux distro) and rendered that scene again using 64bit Blender 2.69. To my amazement the Linux version of Blender rendered that scene 46% faster compared to Blender under Windows XP. This is a huge reduction in rendering time, especially if one works on images that take long to render.

Other programs also run faster under Linux and are more responsive, especially Firefox, and the desktop (I use Xfce). Because there is no Photoshop for Linux, I now use GIMP for all my 2D work and so far it works well for me. Thanks to Linux I will keep on using my current workstation for a year or two. I love efficient solutions like this one that saves time and money :)

[UPDATE: 9 Feb 2014] On the downside, the Blender GPU viewport performance is somewhat slower under Linux, even after I installed the latest nvidia drivers - which did not provide any improvements over the open source drivers.

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