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Blue evening space landscape space landscape with blue fog an orange sky and two moons A space vista with planets and stars space illustration, otherworldly sunset, landscape, spikes, afternoon retro space art big moon fantasy fog shore globular cluster seen from a planet - space artwork

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A million stars ( 2011 • digital • 7500 x 5110 px )
globular cluster seen from a planet - space artwork
NOTE: The poster and canvas previews may look a little blurry and dim but the actual physical products look fine.

A view from a hypothetical planet near a globular cluster of stars. A typical cluster contains over 100,000 stars but can contain several million stars - billions of years older than the Sun. In the Milky Way galaxy there are currently over 150 known globular clusters. Most of them are located in a halo surrounding our galaxy.

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Pia from Norge wrote:August 28, 2012

This picture is Amazing !! <3

dave from uk wrote:May 28, 2012

very nice I say being a star trek and scifi fan

John from England wrote:December 17, 2011

Dear sir, I can't help but think that these colours are too warm for space, I did a painting of the opening Star Trek voyager. As I remember it. (My Aunt has it now) The ship fly's over an Icy planet but the Greens in the other planet made it look cold and isolated gave the painting a cold feel to it So much that i did not want to put in the ship. How I got the effect : sheer accident and I doubt could ever be repeated , (by me anyway). Thanking you J.R. Woodmore

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:October 17, 2011

Thank you for the kind words :)

Antoine from Canada wrote:October 16, 2011

Wow, this is amazing. Your talent is unbelievable! It's amazing what the human mind can imagine, especially yours! I love receiving the space creation you do, it sends me afar where I sometimes need to go to so I can escape the everyday life here on Earth. Thanks for posting.

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