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space landscape art stock, green planet, spikes space picture of landscape with green nebula space art landscape with stars and planets retro space scene on a red snow planet 3D rendering of a space art landscape, ancient alien monuments Globular Cluster with Multiple Stellar Populations

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Calm afternoon ( 2010 • digital • 7000 x 4770 px )
space landscape art stock, green planet, spikes
NOTE: The poster and canvas previews may look a little blurry and dim but the actual physical products look fine.

Here is an example of three space landscape sketches that I draw to explore different ideas:

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Dawid Michalczyk wrote:April 10, 2010

Michael: Thanks. Perhaps the LCD I have here at home is particularly bad and most LCDs out there are much better.

Michael from USA wrote:April 9, 2010

Love it David - and am viewing the work on a LCD.

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