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Solar rise ( 2001 • digital • 6000 x 3041 px )
Sunrise seen from planet surface
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A space illustration of a solar rise on another planet. I rendered the landscape in Bryce and painted the planets in Photoshop. A very atmospheric piece.

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Datta Kamble from India wrote:July 1, 2011

very nice imeges

Daniel.palmer from Austraila wrote:July 27, 2009

This is a really good pics well done! you should be proud of you self

kevin from united states of america wrote:June 30, 2008

It makes me feel like i am in a fantasy world. thank you very much for posting this picture. Keep doing what you're doing. I hope to see more.

mariah campos from USA wrote:March 19, 2008

The fog and the planet in the background are a work of art!It looks completely 3-D!!!!!(Even without the 3-D glasses!)

Jimmy from Germany wrote:December 29, 2007

Great lighting, great fog effects, really good ...............

Bob from Canada wrote:December 22, 2007

It is very pretty

Pac man from united states wrote:September 28, 2007

this pic seems very interesting the colors go together in nice contrast a planet like that with other planets within sight would be an almost unbearable experience if i went to that planet i would probably want to stay.

Empyrion from Romania wrote:June 12, 2007

It's a great image apart from a single thing, the cloud plane is ... well.. too planar, if the clouds would appear more 3-Dimensional it would have been perfect.

Anyway it's a nice image.

G J C Barlow from Australia wrote:March 22, 2007


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