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retro space scene on a red snow planet Singular ambience   
Size: 7000 x 4600 px
Medium: digital
Year: 2008




A space scene of an early afternoon on a faraway red planet. The surface of the mountains is covered by snow with a thin layer of red iron oxide, or simply dusty rust. The red-orange surface and the bluish sky creates an almost illusive ambient illumination. Near the horizon a giant ringed planet and its moon are slowly emerging.

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garrett crivea from canada wrote:November 26, 2010

sweet pic i luvv this kind of art it makes me happy

annonymous from USA wrote:April 23, 2009

I think this is my favourite pic. Love the color contrast of blue sky and red sand.
Your work is amazing.

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:April 23, 2009

Thanks Victor. And I agree, it also would be nice to go on vacation to such a place!

victor from usa wrote:April 22, 2009

it would nice to wake up one day and go outside and look up and see this wonderful seen in the sky i love it you rock david

Kevin from US wrote:November 16, 2008

Wonderfully sweet colors!

Rhys Kjeldsen from Australia wrote:August 26, 2008

once again dawid, Well done!
have you heard of anyone starting to make images like this thats been inspired by you. I'm doing a year ten photography class assignment on you if thats all right and I need some info.
It would be really helpful if you could send me some info on your work.

my email is r_kjeldsen@hotmail.com


Ed from US wrote:August 23, 2008

WOW this is great. I love the colors!

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