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A sunset in a snowy space vista with a nebula Cosmic sunset   
Size: 7484 x 5100 px
Medium: digital
Year: 2011




A sunset over snowy space vista with a grand nebula above the horizon. It's been a while since I did any nebula work so I thought about doing one for this far away space landscape. Lately I started doing landscapes with a snowy or icy surface because that contrasts nicely with a dark sky. The blue frozen surface on the ground is also something new that I'd like to explore more in my future work. Original size: 7484 x 5100 pixels with a total of 397309 unique colors in the picture.

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rachael from uk wrote:September 3, 2012

I could get lost in that world,so much more beautiful than ours.

Rodney from USA wrote:October 6, 2011

Hi Dawid! Im deeply impressed of your work. Love the space vistas. Cheers..

Myra from Malaysia wrote:September 29, 2011

I could go on gazing into this fantastic vision. Great job, Dawid

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:September 22, 2011

Thanks guys :)

Sketch767 from USA wrote:September 18, 2011

Amazing! It is very realistic looking and it looks very good. I wish I could be in that world!

Brian Grant from United Kingdom wrote:September 18, 2011

It emits the beauty of a lonely woman, cradled by the warmth of the sunset. I think its wondeful.

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