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blue space landscape with water like liquid and moons Blue evening space landscape space landscape with blue fog an orange sky and two moons A space vista with planets and stars space illustration, otherworldly sunset, landscape, spikes, afternoon

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200 light years away ( 2011 • digital • 12000 x 7754 px )
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space illustration, otherworldly sunset, landscape, spikes, afternoon
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In September 2011 it was announced that Nasa's Kepler telescope discovered a planet orbiting two suns. The planet lies some 200 light years from Earth. This inspired me to do this view from a planet orbiting around two suns pretty far apart.

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Cedric from Singapore wrote:November 29, 2011

Beautiful, love it!

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:November 29, 2011

@Antoine I especially like the spikes and the sun going down between them. I like spikes and haven't done them in a while so I thought about doing some here and they sure work well. Thanks for your comment Antoine :)

Antoine from Canada wrote:November 29, 2011

Amazing! I'd love to walk around on these planets to explore. Your artwork makes my imagination go wild! Thanks, Antoine

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