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Immortal 3 ( 2003 • digital • 7200 x 3288 px )
surreal landscape sunset
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I did this surreal landscape for the Immortal 3 CD cover. It's a dual CD album containing modern versions of some of the best Amiga game music tunes. If you too spend long hours playing games on the Amiga, this album will bring back many memories of classic Amiga games :) Do you remember Turrican 2 and 3, Pinball Dreams, The Chaos Engine or Lotus 3? If you do, you may really enjoy this and the two previous albums. You can order all three albums at Synsoniq.

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Jake Hayes wrote:February 29, 2012

Tast is not a word. Please, keep the grammar correct. Also, this is an amazing image. Gonna use it for art class....

Riaan Marais from South Africa wrote:October 8, 2007

I love the spectacular display of colour (warm and cool) in this picture! You can tast the atmosphere.

craig from UK wrote:September 16, 2007

Its like somethink from a dream.

fox from Switzerland wrote:February 3, 2007

Superb pic! Aloha.

feral from sweden wrote:January 2, 2007

Great image, and about the album its nice to see some nostalgia brought to life again.

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