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surreal vision, metaphysical dimension mysterious landscape in late afternoon 3d surreal image depicting alien entities from another dimension surreal landscape sunset dream landscape image

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Light splitters ( 2003 • digital • 6000 x 4296 px )
3d surreal image depicting alien entities from another dimension
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royston from uk wrote:November 6, 2010

this image reminds of Picaso's naked lady painting. The figures occupy a space, which brings life in to them. Very inspiring, I feel a very fundermental connection to this work. My opinion is that we are on an evolutionary journey and we are moving towards a higher state of existance,a higher frequency if you will. And as your work illustrates, there are other worlds and dimentions at play. Very vissionary. Keep up the beautiful work my friend.

Matt from Saturn wrote:November 12, 2009

Whatever planet you live on i love it. These images are trippy and tap into your brain untill you can feel their presence. nice work!!

Harley from Canada wrote:December 17, 2008

You are working for the owner of planet earth and this world. You are serving your purpose in displaying what has been created. Keep going and thank you for doing what you are called to do!

josh from england wrote:April 29, 2008

another amzing piece you are my idol i wish i could make such beauty and make all these people inspired by me

David Ryan from Ireland wrote:July 27, 2007

This inspiring image creates new dimensions for consciousness to exist. I like Vika's comment, asking almost hopefully, "are we there ancestors?"

Melany from USA wrote:July 21, 2007

Seems pretty creative...i dont have much to say about it right now since its beyond my imagination right now...

m_m from usa wrote:June 28, 2007

wonderful ! breathtaking ! made my brain hurt trying to force it to wrap around the depth and space the image presents !

Fuzzy from UK wrote:June 12, 2007

Hi there, you signed my guestbook at Fuzzyplanet.co.uk so I thought I'd come and check out your site. Really like your work and the web design, we seem to have quite a lot in common in terms of artistic taste. Makes me wish I'd kept my own site running but I havent really had time to produce any art for some years now. Anyways, good to meet you and keep up the fantastic surreal art, you have a great talent. All the best !

Vikas from India wrote:April 11, 2007

are WE their ancestors ???

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