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surreal tranquility, bird, water mystical surreal serenity water pool, plants, planets, realm surreal landscape light storm astral dimensions with colorful sky surreal image with sea and rocks and vegetation

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Where worlds meet ( 1999 • digital • 4000 x 2880 px )
mystical surreal serenity water pool, plants, planets, realm
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An anonymous commentator wrote the following comment regarding this image: You like mushrooms a lot, don't you? =)

On a more serious note, I painted this picture while reading A Journey in Ladakh by Andrew Harvey. A travel book about one of the last places on earth where Tibetan Buddhist community survives. Or at least did in 1981 when the author traveled there. An interesting book about spiritual discovery and Tibetan Buddhist culture and mystery. The first part of the book is rather slow, but still nice, often describing the serene Himalayan scenery while traveling to Ladakh. In the second part, when the author meets the Rinpoche, the book really takes off. Here is one passage on Rinpoche's teaching the art of visualization:

"You will understand, slowly, and in slow stages, that Reality is a creation of the mind. You will understand it not with your intellect or even with your intuition, but practically, because you will be growing within you the power to alter Reality. You must work every day. You must not be discouraged if for many months you can visualize very little. What you are beginning is a journey into a different world, into an awareness of different reality; you cannot expect to make that journey quickly. Nor, in a sense, should you want to. "

Such mystical descriptions fueled my imagination while working on this image.

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matt from us wrote:October 29, 2010

thought provoking.. i love it

Cory Berends from U.S. wrote:April 28, 2010

Awesome Pic dude Awesome

Duarte from Mexico wrote:September 25, 2009

A friend of mine drawed with a pencil something like that, just today... two halves of a planet meeting on a water surface, with different landscapes up and down...
seeng this is just so strange... so improbable, fascinating...
it's really great...

reminds me about the theory of the fourth dimension... it says that
Any non-paralell spaces whithin a "hyperspace" with four euclidean dimensions will intersect in a plane, so we have a "portal surface", or something like that...

anyway.. simply awesome

EVI from GREECE wrote:September 20, 2009


Las-t from Aus wrote:September 10, 2009

totally epic pic man!!
I love the concept!

hope from USA wrote:October 26, 2008


david from usa wrote:July 28, 2008

hmm, very interesting material, the cannabis has made this image have a profound effect. i am pondering existance as of now

me wrote:February 28, 2008


Matt from Wales wrote:March 7, 2007

its like the view from inside the inside of the minds eye awesome stuff.

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