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surreal tranquility, bird, water mystical surreal serenity water pool, plants, planets, realm surreal landscape light storm astral dimensions with colorful sky surreal image with sea and rocks and vegetation

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Outer dimension ( 1997 • digital • 2560 x 1920 px )
surreal image with sea and rocks and vegetation
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This image was a popular surreal wallpaper in the late 1990s, and was featured on the cover of a Polish computer graphics magazine GFX. This was the first time that my artwork appeared in a magazine :)

Somebody once described this image in the following way:
Its immediate: you feel sucked into it (yellow horizon) and yet feel like lost in the space this image generates. Great effect. However if you rotate your head 90° left you see a beautiful and strange (although very classic) dawn with a kind of magic copper light.

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lucky Agogo from Nigeria wrote:February 5, 2012

this is truly awesome.

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:February 4, 2012

@dale Thanks. I do not sell CDs with my work due to piracy concerns.

dale_wright wrote:February 3, 2012

Your images are incredible, to say the least. Would it be possible to obtain a CD of Surreal. I would love to purchase these if not to incredible if this would be asking too much. Thank you for you response.

Son of Medb from US wrote:December 19, 2009

This picture... It makes me say, "To hell with logic! To hell with physics! To hell with science! If this is what unreality is like, then to hell with reality and existence!" Nothing any god could have created can compare with your art.

Alison from Australia wrote:February 12, 2009

Amazing, you have real talent, you are one of the rare people who can truely capture the imagination. Please continue to creat such splended arworks,I hope that you will continue to do so.

wollyn lawrence wrote:October 13, 2008

Desde quando você imagina tão belas paiságens? O que leva você a imagina-las? Eu gostei muito das imágens pois desde pequeno me imagino em lugares assim, como não queria esquece-los ou perde-los da minha memória comecei a desenhar imágens que via em meus sonhos, fiquei surpreso ao ver que alguém alem de mim consegue imaginar esses lugares também.
Sorri if I don't write in inglish, I don't know!

judy from U.S.A wrote:February 19, 2008

I Love this one..i was first confused..thought it went upward but it's in the right place..felt a lil dumb for a couple of seconds..but once i got it..i realized how great this piece is*^_^*

anonymous wrote:July 25, 2007

to Melany below, i'm guessing he uses Maya, alot... nice work, btw

Melany from usa wrote:July 19, 2007

WOW these r awesome. im pretty ignorant about these pictures so can someone tell me if these things are painted or what?

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