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tech texture
Misc 10

Creation year: 2000     Medium: digital    

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Here I was asked to paint a large, 1024x1024 pixels, detailed texture in order to see how such big textures could be used in the game. Most game textures these days are either 512x512 or less, so 1024x1024 was enormous, especially back in 1999. We ended up splitting this texture into four and used it that way to save memory. As I love detail, I had a great time working on it. Click on the link below the image to see this texture in its original size.

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ownerfate from U.S.A. wrote:May 29, 2012

man, these textures you have all are TOO EPIC, dude. please never stop doing what you do. i hope i could you make more of these textures these bring me back to the late 90s when i started playing tons of sci fi games.

AM from USA wrote:October 25, 2009

Man!...great efforts on all these textures.

LG from USA wrote:January 11, 2008

The moods you create in many of your pictures remind me a whole lot of the cinematics in the game "StarCraft."

MYStery game devoloper wrote:February 17, 2007

WOW you rock !

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