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blue sci-fi landscape with a spaceship

Creation year: 2013     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 8410 x 5000 px

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21 March 2013 ■ A spaceship approaching a home base on a far away planet... This image is a little bit of an experiment. I wanted to do something relatively simple without sacrificing the overall visual impression.

I noticed that as I get older, I tend to appreciate simpler images more often. I wonder if this is due to the aging process, or if it's due to my growing experience as an artist and a human being. Perhaps it's both.

Simpler images are easier to process visually and they probably communicate the main idea more effectively due to their simplicity. They are not necessarily easier to make, but the creative process is somewhat different. Which makes me want to experiment some more with this in my future work.

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Dawid Michalczyk wrote:March 22, 2013

@Antoine Thank you.

Antoine from Canada wrote:March 22, 2013

Great work. It really is a wonderful image you've created. Congratulations on your great work and thanks for updating your site with these new images.

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