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sci-fi illustration of outpost, mountains, spaceships
Outpost rangers

Creation year: 2017     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 6000 x 4089 px

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9 May 2017 ■ My favorite sci-fi art is from the 1970s to 1990s period. Perhaps it's because I grew up during that time, or perhaps sci-fi art was in fact better back then. Time will tell... A few years ago a bought a used copy of a book called Tomorrow and Beyond: Masterpieces of Science Fiction Art edited by Ian Summers and published in 1978. I recently browsed through this book and it reminded me how sci-fi art used to be back then. In some ways it was somewhat simpler, but the thing that is most noticeable is its calmer feel. Much of today's sci-fi art is excessive and has a restless feel to it. Perhaps this is merely a reflection of technological progression. Anyway, if you like old SF art books then this one is worth getting and is available on amazon.

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