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terrain vehicle concept
Terrain vehicle

Creation year: 2002     Medium: digital    

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Nickoly from Washington wrote:April 10, 2012

That's just amazing

emmax from nigeria wrote:October 5, 2009

looks like something i could actually build. where are the engines located?

David from England wrote:November 20, 2008

This looks like it could be an long range patrol special ops vehicle for desert work, a terrain radar forward, and if the soil is too soft, sorays under the mudflaps lay some temporary solid crust that breaks up after crossing, from the roll bar cage a disguise rock tent could be deployed or sky blue canopy when it is atop a mountain, or look like water in a valley base, all sort of James Bondian?

Mr. Grizzly from United States wrote:August 30, 2008

You applied the texture perfectly! Looks extremely realistic.

Dom from Canada wrote:May 9, 2008

isnt there vehicle like it in H3?

Tim from USA wrote:February 16, 2008

i was thinkin the same thing lol just slap a turret on the front

Bishoujo-Ai from USA wrote:July 9, 2005

Wouldn't this be cool if it were a new Halo3 vehicle?

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