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future truck design

Truck concept ( see larger )

Creation year: 2002     Medium: digital    

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Jacob from US wrote:October 13, 2010

Really Cool. These kinds of images are what inspire me to get into modelling and concept work for videogames.

Don Tindale from UK wrote:November 14, 2009

First time back to this page in three years. I still admire this design, it just looks "right". Apart from noticing that back in 2006 I thnk I should have typed "hasn't offered", I just want to add that I think your work is as inspiring as ever.

Ron from USA wrote:October 22, 2009

This is an example of art combined with industrial design, which yields a truly beautiful and functional object to behold. If we were on Mars, this would be what a naturalized Martian pioneer would use to travel from one settlement to the next.

emmax from nigeria wrote:October 5, 2009

heavy metal redefined. awesome work.

Juan from USA wrote:May 21, 2008

This design is very helpful in a way. Especially since i am a designer. This keeps me inspired.

virot from thailand wrote:April 23, 2008

nice design

Don Tindale from UK wrote:August 14, 2006

Actually, this looks an attractive, functional design for the purpose. Are you sure the heavy plant industry haven't offered you a huge sum of money for the design concept? Just kidding, but nice work!

Piotrek from Poland wrote:July 13, 2005

"stary,gdzie moja bryka"...a tutaj jest:)) masz fajny styl i fajne pomysl-oby tak dalej.polacy rulzzzzz.pozdro

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