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space landscape illustration, blue nebula, orange planet, snowy land space landscape art stock, green planet, spikes space picture of landscape with green nebula space art landscape with stars and planets retro space scene on a red snow planet
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space landscape illustration, blue nebula, orange planet, snowy land

Far away

Creation year: 2010     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 7000 x 4315 px

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Far away took me one day longer to do than I estimated. There was some quite noticeable color banding in one area of the image that was difficult to eliminate. I tried every trick I know of, but none worked well enough. In the end I re-rendered the 3D parts of the image in a different way and did some of the haze in 2D. It all ended up working better than I expected. And here is an example of three space landscape sketches that I draw to explore different ideas:

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Sketch767 from USA wrote:June 19, 2011

Very Nice

fun-da-mental from Switzerland wrote:October 17, 2010

Another wonderful artwork! It radiates tranquility

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