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Sci-Fi artwork - post apocalyptic bounty hunter in a future architecture Military aircraft fighters flying over mountains. post apocalyptic suburban area in the future with flying cars Cyberpunk art, future city, flying vehicle, dystopia Space sci-fi ships travelling through a solar system
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Sci-Fi artwork - post apocalyptic bounty hunter in a future architecture
Bounty hunter

Creation year: 1999     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 6138 x 2790 px

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One of my fans wrote me about a dejavu experience he had in Rome:

So I was backpacking Europe recently. Walking through the streets of Rome, and I turned into an alleyway, that led to a courtyard. Maybe it was the time of day, the lighting, the shadows on the ground, or something else, but I felt this strange feeling, like I've been there before, and couldn't place it .

A few days later it dawned on me that dejavu feeling was because of the Bounty Hunter piece you did ; I've had that as my wallpaper for quite a while at times . Attached is the picture I took, thought you might find it interesting.

Indeed, when I was working on Bounty Hunter I was inspired by roman architecture and could see the resemblence between the photograph and my image. The photograph inspired me to do some more Sci-Fi work in similar style. It is always interesting to hear such stories as they are quite personal and show how my work found its way into somebody's life.

This image is shown in the FREAX - The Brief History of the Computer Demoscene - The Art Album art book.

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Zeb from usa wrote:May 8, 2009

OMG thats really cool, keep it up

Amanda from USA wrote:April 21, 2008

Love this image. I was immediately struck not by the bounty hunter figure, but by your artistic envisioning of this sci-fi landscape. I imagined this was what Venice might look like in the year 3000. The roman inspiration definitely comes through--this before I had read your descriptive intro. Would love to see a game world developed around this theme. (RIP Mythic's Imperium.)

DeAdLy_cOoKiE from Europe wrote:June 10, 2007

Another one of my favourites...

anonymous wrote:July 10, 2003

I wonder if you liked to draw backgrounds for my graphic novel. :)

anonymous wrote:October 28, 2002

coolness. Is this an expert 3D operator in action her? How is this made (looking

anonymous wrote:March 18, 2002

is that Boba Fett there? It looks like im lil helmed werido!

anonymous wrote:November 2, 2001

wow! It looks like a scene from a game! Very cool; unfortunately I dont know much about that media and cant offer any helpful criticisms! :)

anonymous wrote:October 29, 2001

I dont know what more I can say that you havent heard. Your more is the next level. You are definitely a master Dawid.

anonymous wrote:August 26, 2001

Do you want to be my key backround animator....

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