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Sci-Fi picture - outpost with two moons, air vehicle and sunset sci-fi illustration - future air car, flying vehicles alien and a holographic device on a UFO spaceship Ancient Alien visitors on another planet 3D Rebel air fighters patrolling the swamps.
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Ancient Alien visitors on another planet
They came from the sky

Creation year: 1999     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 4096 x 2458 px

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In this Sci-Fi artwork I wanted to illustrate an event that may be very common through out the universe - the arrival of intelligent alien visitors. As the native looks ahead at the alien ships emerging from the horizon, he may be wondering whether life as he knows it is about to end.

In the year 2000 this image was featured in an Italian magazine called Stargate, and later in 2007 in Science Fiction Weekly - an online publication of the SCIFI Channel.

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Deborah Hart from USA wrote:April 24, 2013

I LOVE this one! I feel it, actually!

Paolo from Croatia wrote:February 11, 2010


anonymous wrote:October 26, 2009

I love it !

This image makes me think about what we are living together on earth and what is coming in the horizon.

We need to prepare.

Allan doyle from Ireland wrote:June 28, 2009

do you ever think you have been there,it's like a memory

Bala from Japan wrote:April 20, 2009

You are amazing!!!

Anubis Grim from U.S.A wrote:March 27, 2009

Wow, this inspired a story from me, i don't own a blog or a website, so i'll just type it up.

"It was a day like none other, the elders messaged the colony saying something amazing.. we had been in contact with alien life for the past three years. Glirgon, our leader, was at the spi-de-twa formation with his staff of ge, awaiting the arrival of the groo'ian race. Hopefully for peace."

fox from Switzerland wrote:October 4, 2008


niki b from usa wrote:May 5, 2008

I LOVE THIS PICTURE its fo shiz da best man

Josh from England wrote:April 30, 2008


The power that i hold inside
Is one of which i can't describe
I walk like human,
but bite like beast
I am your armor,
and will never seize

your secret guardian....

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