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Alien sunset surreal illustration of another planet surreal vision, metaphysical dimension mysterious landscape in late afternoon 3d surreal image depicting alien entities from another dimension surreal landscape sunset
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Alien sunset surreal illustration of another planet
Alien sunset

Creation year: 2005     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 6000 x 3019 px

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Sometimes I wonder how an alien landscape may be like on another planet. Could it be perceived by human senses like on earth? Would it make sense to us? Would there be life as we understand it? An equivalent of a tree? A cloud...?

I always found it odd that the SETI project is based on the assumption that intelligent Extra Terrestrials (ETs) would use radio waves like we do. Many assume intelligent ETs to be similar to us, because that is the only intelligent life we know of (or so we think). In reality, there is no way of knowing how intelligent ETs may be like. Intelligent ETs may be so vastly different from what we are used to that we may not even detect that they are there, observing us...

Anyway, in this surreal illustration I depict an alien environment that can be experienced by humans. It is alien, strange, and mysterious.

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Samantha wrote:October 6, 2013

I'm a fan of this artist, and I think this is one of his better works. I like the slim alien figure and the gradients of the sunset. It gives it an otherwordly feeling.

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:November 4, 2011

@mike odom
Thank you Mike. I always find it interesting what other people see and how they interpret my artwork. Sometimes this can be quite a revelation to me, something I never thought of, or noticed myself.

mike odom from usa wrote:November 3, 2011

There is something about a long , very long passage of time in this pianting.The figure gazes the sunset as if in deep thought and perhaps contemplating a great loss or event.This painting has substance and deep impact on the eye and mind if you can feel it.

mike odom from usa wrote:October 16, 2011

This strikes me as awesome, eternal in time, great concept

MIKE ODOM from USA wrote:September 22, 2009


anthrowolf013 from usa wrote:August 17, 2009

I wish I could go to space, and this pic makes me feel like Im in space. I really like your alien, it brings out the characteristics of life on other planets , if their was any. Great pic.

Mark from Ireland wrote:June 15, 2009

One word to describe this photo: Awesome. Simply awesome.

muyajedinx from bolivia wrote:May 11, 2006

you know? your questions are just like mine. I like the drawing but I personally believe that it looks a bit artifitial to be a sunset. I do like the mixture o colors and the combination of them all thogether , but you had better works than this. I sorry if I said to straight forward. I admire your work since I found your gallery work.

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