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metaphysical surreal picture of a landscape with human figure
Dimension unknown

Creation year: 2009     Medium: digital     Dimensions: 7630 x 5200 px

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Venturing into the unknown poses great dangers and rewards alike.

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Mac from USA wrote:June 14, 2012

My favorite of your srrreal offerings. Definitely worth owning one. Back to you later when I find my credit card.

powertiger from russia wrote:February 22, 2011

Awesome. All worxx are really xperienced

royston from uk wrote:November 6, 2010

Beautiful, to me it appears like the ego has been removed and the mind/body is experiencing itself in its natural state.

yoav from israel wrote:December 13, 2009

really gets you thinking. nice!

emmax from nigeria wrote:October 5, 2009

takes a while to process the beauty. absolutely stunning.

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