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dirty texture
Wall K

Creation year: 2005     Medium: digital    

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fulgin from saudi arabia wrote:September 24, 2011

nice texture

adam from Ireland wrote:April 23, 2011

really nice should spread the word about these really good textures *thumbs up*

Jordan from Australia wrote:April 7, 2009

This is great work mate.

LEAHCIM ELAG from UK wrote:January 30, 2008

Came across your site whilst looking for a texture for a model i am still creating, just wanted to try a few pre made before making my own.
I have to say these are top spec crisp detail and colour just looking at each texture gives me ideas for drawings and models, Your work is top rate and will remain in my bookmark.
Thanks for keeping me occupied for an hour or so.

Leahchim Elag

Brian from USA wrote:August 12, 2007

You should put together a collection of your textures and release them for game mods, i know you do work for commercial games but why not help out the mod community with your awesome work? just make sure people credit you when they use them which they usually always do and make sure you note that they cant be used for commercial games... include normal maps etc... too.. release for like halflife 2 or something

Richard from Australia wrote:April 18, 2007

Excellent Work mate! Iv just started learning about textures and hope to start working on my own in about a week. Im just doing some research on them now and found a link to this page on Wikipedia.

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