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Science fiction (aka Sci-Fi or SF) is a literary genre of fiction that typically involves speculations based on future or modern day science or technology. Much of this fantastic speculation lies within the realm of near future possibility, like interplanetary space travel, virtual reality, androids, or alien invasions.

Science fiction art dates back to early 1940s. First used exclusively for magazine and book covers or inside illustrations. Sci-Fi art gradually evolved and became increasingly popular especially in movies, television, comics and computer games. Some of the best-selling films of all time are Sci-Fi movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Alien.

I have been attracted to the worlds of Science Fiction since my early teenage years. First due to the early Star Wars movies and later through Sci-Fi book covers. Naturally, my first attempts at creating Sci-Fi images were spaceships in outer space and robots. Although this gradually changed to somewhat more complex imagery, I still greatly enjoy creating flying vessels and robotic designs. I hope that someday I'll have enough spare time to depict some of the better ideas that accumulated in my mind over the years. Most of this Sci-Fi gallery consists of personal works.

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