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scifi base in a dezert extraterrestial alien ruins with light beams alien ruin big extraterrestial ruin game art landscape with fog and haze dezert extraterrestial ruin

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dezert extraterrestial ruin Dezert alien ruin 1   
Medium: digital
Year: 2003


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sean wrote:September 12, 2008

very nice use of camo you used the souroundings to project its apearence

Rumstoner from Wirral, England wrote:April 3, 2007

Can't help thinking that the 'little' rock is being abused somewhat by the bigger one! Loving the artwork you produce though despite my obviously gutter-based mind!

anonymous wrote:August 25, 2005

This one hit me. The arrangement of the rocks is well done. It gives you the feel that maybe, under some low gravity it might form, but maybe there is something bigger going on.

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