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military robot walker concept with guns Military robot concept   
Medium: digital
Year: 2003



I did this robot concept for an unreleased 3D game when I worked at Legend Entertainment.

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anonomus from poop wrote:June 15, 2008

I love the design. it is wonderful. i kinda copyed the legs for a project.

Mr. Crawford from Florida, USA wrote:October 30, 2007

I see some true fore thought in your work here. I like the use of pistons for leg to foot support and leg to leg. Though something like this I would expect to be bigger than the given size. All in all rocken though.

Tuomas from Finalnd wrote:October 12, 2007

It looks like battlefield 2142 battlerobot,(battlewalker)

anonymous wrote:October 1, 2007

hmm i might need you for some freelance work on. Ak:Ros
i will contact you later.

Victor from Turkey wrote:May 4, 2006

Damn it! Amazing!!! Seems so robust!!! Details of legs are unbeliable!! Go on, never stop man!!!

Dx from USA wrote:September 17, 2005

I love the design, and would like to see this kind of art in games.

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