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colorful space image - landscape with moons and fog space landscape in the orion system colorful space landscape, moon, stars

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Somewhere in the universe ( 1996 • digital • 640 x 250 px )
colorful space image - landscape with moons and fog

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bryant from usa wrote:February 23, 2014

I'm very surprised you haven't been picked up by some rock band doing cover art. I was inspired by roger dean to look for more art when I found you back in "96".i do what can with MS paint because its free and its everywhere and it has its set of rules and limitations to take for granted as an artist. hope to see more

jay and mut from U.S.A. wrote:September 18, 2009

Hey David,
This comment is not specifically related to this piece of artwork, but really surprised and excited that you have made compilation's of your art with music. I like the animations.
jay and some silent mutts

MONICA from USA wrote:August 3, 2009


scott from usa wrote:February 2, 2009

Who said there's no atmosphere??

tanya7 from uk wrote:December 10, 2008

wow i like the colours and how you have used them it is amazing i love your art!!!

anonymous wrote:December 8, 2008

gorgeous...just magical

Hope from denver wrote:October 26, 2008

this is so beautiful♥

anonymous wrote:January 10, 2007

I love the pinks in this. It's a like a beautiful dawn of endless possibilities. Do you make a poster of it?

anonymous wrote:January 1, 2003

when I look at these kind of picture i go mystic and and get the urge to move and daydream about a world far from earth somewhere beyond our galexy in a futureristic universe where everything is like that picture it seems to be a wonderful place in a mystic universe in a timeless adventure my thoughs go calm it is a its a moving picture.

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