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retro space scene on a red snow planet 3D rendering of a space art landscape, ancient alien monuments Globular Cluster with Multiple Stellar Populations space artwork - planet with rings and stars space nebula art space art featuring planetary sunset and foggy canyon

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space art featuring planetary sunset and foggy canyon Planet scape   
Size: 6000 x 4755 px
Medium: digital
Year: 2004




Watching the beautiful space imagery in the Mars mission documentaries on the Discovery Channel inspired me to do a new space art piece myself. I don't know the actual location or the stars or name of the planets, but it feels like a Milky Way system... so it can't be too far away :)

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manny from america wrote:May 29, 2012

u rock!

luthfan from indonesia wrote:January 9, 2012

amazing... wow...

JG from Aus wrote:October 3, 2011

Listen to Babylon Zoo-Spaceman whilst looking though these pictures and other real pictures of the universe; awesome.

john from canada wrote:June 18, 2011

listen to deadmau5 and look at these pics...its intense!

james from australia wrote:April 21, 2010

great pic!!

Mario59 from Italy wrote:September 24, 2009

Look carefully, there's also me down there....

Mathias from Berlin wrote:August 29, 2009

I get lost in this picture

anthrowolf013 from usa wrote:August 16, 2009

These pics really inspire me to write a story about space... great art.

paul from usa wrote:August 13, 2009

I came across your well done spacescapes. . . . just wondering are they Artmatic Voyager renders?

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