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surreal painting of a man Expanding perception   
Medium: digital
Year: 2005




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Sss from Pakistan wrote:March 10, 2012

An ancient native american's ghost

Danny from USA wrote:January 16, 2011

It is with out a doubt beautiful, and you did it masterfully but... it looks like a character from an anime called Bleach. his name is Zaraki Kenpachi If other anime fans saw this I believe you might sell even more cause of its sheer power and beauty.

jillspandorasbox from England wrote:November 30, 2009

I absolutely love the depth and emotion of this picture. What a talent you have!

Dawid Michalczyk wrote:September 5, 2009

Tapash Sarkar: Thanks. The image was painted in Photoshop.

Tapash Sarkar from India wrote:September 3, 2009

very good painting.is it water colour.i like ur tonal variation

Scene-ish from US of A wrote:December 27, 2008

The colors and shapes are invigorating and euphoric, and the concept doubles the beauty. Very nice stuff.

Myself from Fantasia wrote:November 11, 2008

Amazing... I like the way he drips and sortof looks like a snake at first glance. Love the coloring and blending too. Also the philosophical theme is thought-provoking. Keep it up!

Emiesha Zentas from Camieshea wrote:September 26, 2008

Reminds me of my friend Tyler Wright.

De Lion from US wrote:April 23, 2008

Man this is an ausome painting I'm gona use it for my art humanities project at school

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