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Astral skies ( 2001 • digital • 6000 x 2250 px )
relaxing sky with clouds great for meditation
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This piece is for calming down and inducing a relaxed state of mind and body.

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Justin from U.S.A. wrote:September 12, 2009

That piece is calming it would go great in anyone's home to add a feeling of peace to the environment.

don't have one from negative wrote:October 27, 2008

it is really peaceful... it calms the mind and puts yourself at peace with your surroundings

Nike from Russia wrote:September 23, 2008

I feel at home. This is the only "place" I can feel comfortable. My emotions are very strange. I miss it and it makes me sad, but at the same time I like it!

Melany from usa wrote:July 19, 2007

it makes me feel completey confused, anxious, and lonely.

̉scar from Catalonia wrote:July 9, 2007

Nice composition of colors. The relax effect is great. Not only can be a sky, also can be a beach. I love it.

Rose from USA wrote:August 3, 2006

So calming and relaxing! I love it.

Amit from USA wrote:June 15, 2006


Jessica N from Australia wrote:August 16, 2005

It beckons me. It stirs my perseverance.

Bishoujo-Ai from USA wrote:July 9, 2005

Oh...my-This is a very calming piece, I must say.

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