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Ambient projections 3 ( 2001 • digital • 4000 x 2963 px )
ambient CD cover

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Paul from England wrote:August 18, 2011

Unnervingly voyeuristic, Open the curtains one morning and see that on the horizon, ooh! The scale of it.

Paula from Spain wrote:January 13, 2010

I love all your images O.O

Moose from South Africa wrote:September 18, 2007

The "alien ship" is threatening and makes me anxious

Turtle from Australia wrote:April 6, 2007

I dream of being back on my planet.

paradox from U.S.A. wrote:October 31, 2005

This pic is soooooo cool. It seems like an alien space ship orbiting earth.

Patrick from Canada wrote:July 31, 2005

seems like what the undercarraige of a space ship might look like

AstralDragon from Finland wrote:June 19, 2005

That's something really spooky, but I love it.

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